Sunday, September 11, 2016


High End Steam Shower Box
*High End And Cutting Edge Steam Shower Box
*Size: 900x900x2180mm
*6mm Tempered Glass , Four Sided Glass Design
*Acrylic Color: White
*Brass Built Tapwares
*Over Head Rain Shower
*Sliding Shower Set
*Stainless Steel Stool
*Built In FM Stereo
*Loud Speaker
*Internal LED Lighting
*Stainless Steel Built Door Handles
*Exhaust Fan
*Fast Startup Steam Generator
*Press Button Control Panel With LCD Display
*High Strength Acrylic Shower Tray With Stainless Steel Support
*Hinged Doors
*Hot And Cold Water Connections
*Acupuncture Massage Body Jets
*Can Be Connected To A Combination Boiler
Shower Room SpeakerSpeakersThe Steam Shower Unit Includes One High Quality Speaker, Allowing You To Have A Clear Communication With The Other Party On The Telephone, As Well As Producing A Great Sound Effect For A Fabulous Experience With The RadioShower Room Body Massage JetsBody Jets
The Steam Shower Unit Includes Adjustable Body Massage Jets That Provide A Moderate Massage To Your Body While Showering. The Body Jets Function Help You To Improve Your Metabolism, Blood Circulation, And Makes You Feel Restored.
Shower Room Ozone SanitizerOzone Sanitizer System
Germs And Bacteria Appear Easily In Moist And Humid Environments. Simply Press The Ozone Button On The Display Panel, And The Ozone Sterilization System Will Automatically Clean And Kill Bacteria And Germs Inside Your Steam Shower Unit.
Shower Room TelephoneTelephone
The Steam Shower Unit Has A Built In Hands Free Telephone. To Use The Telephone, Simply Just Press The Phone Button On The Display Panel. The Built In Microphone And Speakers Will Allow You To Communicate Easily Even When You Are Taking A Shower!
Shower Room Control PanelDisplay/Computer System
The Computerized Control Display Panel Controls All Functions Such As Power, Steam, Lights, Ventilation Fan, Emergency, Telephone, And Ozone In The Steam Shower Unit. Simply Press The Desired Function On The Screen And The Control Panel Will Show The Status Of It.
Steam PodSteam Function
The Steam Function Is Easy To Use. Simply Press The Steam Button On The Display Panel Or Remote Control, And The Steam Generator Will Automatically Produce Steam After Ten To Fifteen Minutes. The Temperature Of The Steam Can Easily Be Adjusted On The Computerized Display Panel. Steam Sauna Can Provide Relaxation, But Is Also Known For Improving Metabolism, Blood Circulation, And Detoxifying Body's Waste Through Sweating!
Rainfall Shower HeadRainfall Showerhead
The King Size Rainfall Showerhead In The Steam Shower Unit Resembles A Tropical Rainforest Atmosphere. Along With The Blue Overhead Light Surrounding It, It Enhances Your Mood And Sets A Marvellous Experience To Your Everyday Shower Experience.
Parts In Details
High End Steam Shower Box
High End Steam Shower BoxHigh End Steam Shower Box
High End Steam Shower BoxStainless Steel Shower Stool

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